miércoles, 9 de julio de 2014

FREE CODES Bungie Destiny Beta Exclusives Package For Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One & PS4

Warlock: YKA-RJG-MH9
Hunter: 3DA-P4X-F6A
Titan: MVD-4N3-NKH
Duke MK.44: 69P-KRM-JJA
Old-Russia: HDX-ALM-V4K
Hive: 473-MXR-3X9
The Cabal: 69X-DJN-74V
Moon: JMR-LFN-4A3
Gjallorhorn: HC3-H44-DKC
The Tower: 69P-VCH-337
The Hive Ogre 69R-CKD-X7L
Valley of the kings, Mars: 69R-DDD-FCP
The Fallen: 69R-F99-AXG
Red Death: 69R-VL7-J6A
The Devastated Coast, Venus: 6A7-7NP-3X7
Vex Minotaur: 6A9-DTG-YGN

In order to activate the redemption codes you will need to copy and paste the codes above:
1. Log on to www.bungie.net/beta
2. Register and verify your profile
2. Copy and paste the codes into the website

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